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Few frequently asked questions.



Why should Dazzler Interior design my home?

Our service brings you the expertise of some of India’s best designers …

How many project have you completed till this date?

We are in market from 2013, we have built trusted customer base. Since 2013 we have completed more than 80 projects

How is Dazzler Interior different from contractors/ individual designers/ studios?

Dazzler is a one stop solution for all your home design solutions. If you were to design your home interiors through a civil contractor / individual designer, then it would essentially mean you need to invest extensive amount of time for research, choosing materials, color sourcing, sourcing hardware, and loads of coordinating. With Dazzler, we are one stop solution to give you everything you ever need under one roof — from top designers, expert installation partners, furniture designers, products, reliable warranties and much more.

Can I see any of your completed project?

Yes, we can take you for a tour if needed

Which are the cities Dazzler Interior currently operates in?

Dazzler is currently operational in Bengaluru.

What kind of spaces does Dazzler Interior design?

Dazzler offers complete interiors for all residential homes, be it small or big, apartments or individual homes or villas. To book us for your home interiors, fill up the form here

I live outside India but, I own a property in India. Can Dazzler Interior help design my home?

Yes, of course! Your Dazzler designer is trained to manage consultations via email/ chat/ video. With our proprietary online tools, you can track the progress of your home design from literally anywhere around the world!

What type of materials do you use to make furniture's?

It’s depending on client requirements. Normally we use- Ply wood, Laminate (also known as sun-mica), Veneer. We also use Rubber wood, Solid teak wood, Multi wood, MDF, Particle board and membrane shutters.

How long will it take to make my 2BHK flat wood work?

It’s depending on the amount and design of work. Normally we take 25 to 30 days to complete full 2HBK interior wood works.

Do you provide 3D designing?

Yes we do.

Do you charge for 3D designing?

No it’s 100% free of cost.

I have selected few models, Can you make the same things?

Certainly we can do that. You can tell us your choice, we can convert the same to reality.

If I send you my flat floor plan then can you provide me a rough estimate?

Yeah we can do that. But only a “rough estimate” there are numerous things has to be discussed before we begin. So if you want to get clear idea and a detailed estimate then we must physically visit your site.

Do I have to pay for site visiting or for any consultation?

No, it’s totally free of cost. We can visit your flat/house and give you free advice and estimate about your house interior work.

I am/ we are impressed, how to start?

Dear guest, we are so glad to know you are interested on our service.
It’s easy! Just fill up the form here
. One of our designers will
get in touch with you to schedule your first consultation or you can
call us +91 6362681431/ 7411951380 to get a quick response.

Who will work on my Dazzler Interior home project?

Dazzler is proud of its diverse and strong community of top design and service partners, who will design, deliver and install your home. When you book us, you’ll be matched with a design partner who will be your single point of contact through your home interior design journey.

Does Dazzler Interior undertake civil work?

Dazzler offers end-to-end home interiors, which includes civil work by our trusted and professional service partners. To know more, please discuss the scope of your requirements with one of our designers. To get started, fill up the form here

I’ve submitted the online consultation form. When will I get a call from a Dazzler Interior designer?

Congratulations, you’ve just taken a big step to living in your dream home! Now that you have filled up the form, our designer will reach out to you within a couple of working days.

Can I see sample materials, finishes, color palettes before I make a booking?

Yes, definitely. We have vast library of materials and finishes to help you understand how Dazzler can transform your home interiors, and make an informed decision for seeing the materials

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